My year among the Alt-right:”It is scary how quickly people get used to evil”

“My Year in Chekhstan ” is the title of a documentary filmed by a 25-year-old Patrik Hermansson with a hidden camera during a year-long meeting (from September 2016 to September 2017) with members of the British and American altrighta and similar neo-Nazi and other extreme right movements.

The young Swede, living in London, works as a researcher of a rather strong Hope not Hate organization  that investigates and conducts campaign against parties and extremist groups in Britain and beyond in Europe. The primary goal of his infiltration was the expulsion of the organizers of the London Forum, the far right, and this goal, as he has told us, and achieved. The release of the film and the related report was embarrassed by the London Forum. Everything else, including documenting a violent blunder in Charlottesville, US , where a woman died in August by car, and more than a dozen people were wounded, the development of an event they did not initially count on.

His film and report are also interesting for the Croatian public because one of the most eminent theoreticians of the new right is mentioned by a Croatian writer and politician, a former Croatian embassy employee and a staff member of the Central State Office for Croats outside the homeland Tomislav Sunić.

Non-whites should be expelled by airplanes

As described by Hermansson, one night in May 2017 he sat at the Mandeville Hotel in central London. Dinner was organized in honor of the late British intellectual of the far right and of the alt-horn of Jonathan Bowden ‘s friends  At this event came some of the most important alt-right figures from Europe and America. The time of their landing in London was a secret, but Hermansson had so long been confident that Heathrow was awaiting Colin Robertson ( Millennial Woes ) of the most prominent British vloger hijacked in Europe since his real identity was discovered in January 2017.

“That dinner was the gathering of the far right, which did not last long. The Croatian writer Tomislav Sunić, an important figure of the European New Right and the author of the influential book ‘Against Democracy and Equality’ (who came out in 2009 under the title ‘European New Right’ in the edition of Zlatko Hasanbegović,  op.) Sat immediately to me discussing the possibilities mass expulsion of the non-British British population. He claimed that it was possible to put everything on the plane and that every three minutes an airplane could leave Heathrow!

At every normal evening, the possibility of violent shifting of non-whites would be accompanied by a shock, but the repatriation of the population at this table was a rather uncontroversial issue.

The rest of the night I talked to Brits, Swedes, Lithuanians and Americans. Some of them were super stars on the go, as it has never before been photographed by the American alt-right heavyweight Greg Johnson.

Over the sound of knocking glasses, men in leased fraces discussed Eugenics, the upcoming racial war, and the alleged genocide carried out over white people. They congratulated themselves congenially how they managed to keep this dinner secret, far from the agonizing eyes of the antifascists. They did not know I secretly filmed the whole thing, “Hermansson described in his report.

America as an ethnic state of the White Race

Patrik Hermansson managed to draw into the heart of the London Forum, primarily because of the unquenchable part of the new right that enjoys pre-Christian rituals. One of the main organizers, Stead Steadman, is a fan of Swedish mythology and Viking rituals. After gaining his trust, he began to participate in deciding who would have access to the organization.

“It was an organization that was based on secrecy and trust, with important speakers such as Sunić. They come to London and talk to the people of the far right, everything is very secretive, they do not reveal the location and feel how they can share their ideas in a “safe space” and when they are exposed to the public, their reputation disappears, no one else wants to come. That’s what we wanted to achieve by this infiltration, “Hermansson told Faktograf after his film was screened at the Human Rights Film Festival in Zagreb.

Through them he had contacts with various neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic groups in Britain to find out his way to the heart of Alt-Righta – to America, where the crown was all present at a bloody event in Charlottesville, Virginia. The cause of the right-wing assembly was the relocation of the statue of Robert E. Lee, the commander of the Confederate Army of the Park, who had named his name last year and renamed the city authorities in the Emancipation Park, considering he was insulting the feelings of a part of the population. In defense of the Commander of the Loss Army from the American Civil War, a colorful neo-Nazi and KCF supporters arrived, armed and equipped with swords and paintings by Donald Trump. The event was culminating in the overthrow of the anti-aliens.

The atmosphere was blown up by the guru alt-righta Richard Spencer , the founder and main ideologist of the “alternative right”, a portrayed  and movement promoting a race theory similar to that of Hitler’s Germany. Spencer stands for America as an ethnic state of the White European race. The public’s attention was drawn to him in November 2016 when he raised his hands in Nazi praise in Washington DC and Trumpa welcomed the Hail Trump even though it was not the first time he had used that greeting.

Spencer has been banned from entering the UK since 2016, and a month ago, even Poland’s renowned Poland put a ban on entry into the country , or a march on the occasion of the Independence Day of Poland. This is a traditional gathering of neo-Nazi groups, where 60,000 protesters are gathering this year, and Poland is again hit by the EU. The several-year ban on entry refers to Schengen and the associated area, including Croatia. Prior to that, 2014 Spencer was put on a ban by Hungary, recently quite popular among similar groups. Hungary expelled him to prevent a neo-Nazi conference organized by the Spencer National Policy Institute.

The alt-right network, the ultimate right-wing organizer, and the Holocaust convoy that Hermansson has visited can be viewed at the following link .

Hermansson: I do not think it’s a short-term trend

Alt-right is a movement that grows, but how many numbers actually do not know. “It’s hard to talk about numbers because it’s the first online movement. The people I have met and who we see in the demonstrations are the exceptions. We know that websites are growing. Some of them also have a million visitors. They are all over Europe and North America, “says Hermansson.

The basic question is, of course, whether it is a trend that will grow to a certain extent and then fall or witness the beginning of something new and very dangerous. “Some of these organizations and groups within them will disappear and nothing will come out of them, but what is scary is that these ideas are really widely received among young people, they have more and more companions on the site, and more and more people are coming and on protest. It does not seem to me to be a short-term trend. I think this is something we have to worry about because they become brave. For the first time in Charlottesville, they gathered in the United States, we see more and more protests in Europe, not necessarily alt-right, but extremist parties and neopharmacists, “he says.

Alt-right is not going to actively recruit people, but people approach them. Usually this is done by popular youtubers or bloggers on their channels announcing that they will take part in a conference, and then the escorts contact them. “There’s a lot of stories from mouth to mouth. You come to some of these forums, you hear ideas, and go to another forum, you talk to people. But if you follow such channels, you’re already on the line. You may not yet be active in some organization, but you share ideas, “he explains.

Violence, especially in America, is an integral part.

“I did not personally witness any murder, but I was involved in some groups known to have killed people, their own members because they believed they were in contact with the police. In the case I speak, they killed three members of the group and their women. They invited them to dinner and popped into the head. Young people in their twenties or early thirties, “says Hermansson, adding that it is a group of about a thousand people, of whom 99 percent are men. Access members sign a contract in which they pledge allegiance. There are bounds to sign that they will not have any love affiliations outside the group. “If they find a girl, they’re coming to join. They should not meet anyone outside the group, “he describes.

Was he afraid of him? With laughter, he says he did not know about these murders after he left.

Of course, as a researcher for Hope not Hate, he knew in advance what kinds of ideas spread among racists, anti-Semitic and anti-Fim, but we were interested in hearing him honoring Hitler’s reputation as one of the heroes of his film in the near future ” found on banknotes as a historic big “.

“At first I was shocked to hear it, but after a while it did not touch me anymore. I’ve heard hundreds of worse things from that example with Hitler, but after a while, you do not register anymore. This is intimidating in itself, because it speaks of how the human brain works. At least mine, and I think it’s like other people. I became aware that you could get used to everything. That knowledge scares me. Their ideas, combined with the knowledge that you can easily get used to them, “answers.

Trump gives them space

Is there a direct link between alt-righta and US President Donald Trump? As a link, Steve Bannon, the head of right-wing Breitbart News, and chief strategist White House, left for Trump’s administration in August.

Hermansson remarks that Bannon is not the most extreme in that circle, but what is worst about it is that Trump gives them room for growth. “Trump motivates them. I do not know whether they are directly or indirectly linked, but the danger is that they are legitimate and because of it they grow. To people, these ideas are now acceptable. It is about young people in front of which they have a whole life, a career, and they do not even think that protests with neo-Nazi symbols can be negatively perceived and that they may have problems in the future. That’s a problem, and that’s for Trumpa. He never says anything against them, but relativizes violence, “he replies.

Trump reminds us that in the first reaction to the violence in Charlottesville, the guilty was turned to “all sides”.

Who or what will they stop then?

“No one is born as a racist, it is taught. Many people have questions about the society we live in – whether in Croatia, the United Kingdom or the United States, and some of these ideas turn them to the ultimate right policy. This does not mean that it is the only solution, there are solutions to problems that are not xenophobic or racist. Policy needs to be taken into account. The media and the way they portray them play an important role. American media, including big ones like The New York Times, represent them as “cool guys”. We can not just give them a microphone and let them put their ideas out, without questioning. This American media often make – they praise Richard Spencer, captures a beautiful photo where he sits in the chair and drinks whiskey and portrays him as a normal character. We must attack them because of their ideology. It also does, but as the eighth paragraph in the article or not at all. A lot of work should also be done in schools, “says Hermansson.

Since the time of the film’s announcement, the Flemish Swede has not received any threats from people who have been exposed to the public eye via their camera embedded in a button on the shirt. Obtain, of course, constant threats from anonymous accounts, but not from people who personally met him. He says he does not know the real reasons, but he thinks they are busy rebuilding his own reputation.

The question, however, is how big a step is from hiding the Nazi ideas from the mainstream. “I do not know. I hope this will not happen. In the UK there is currently active anti-fascism and they do not achieve much. I hope that elsewhere people will find ways to stop them, because there are different forms in each country, “concludes Patrik Hermansson.

Peppercorn pepper wet by HDZ

Is there a group of alt-right people in Croatia? According to iconography, the figure of the Pepe Blossom, a troupe that has become a symbol of hatred,  might have been identified in the Renewal Generation , a stranger who is duly registered this February, and the roots are drawn from the HSPC. Pepe in their June June photo of the HDZ because of the decision to go to the coalition with the HNS and leave them deciding on education. The last acts praised on his website  are the installation of altar to General Slobodan Praljak at Ban Jelacic Square. On that occasion, the society was judging by the photograph, according to Sunić, the former candidate of the HSPC for the European Parliament. Sunić was also one of the speakers at the conference organized by HČSP with Hungarian Jobbik 2013 in Laslovo.On Toma Sunica’s Facebook page, they complain about Spencer’s banning access to the EU, with the comment that “the EU states preach tolerance and freedom of speech, until someone violates modern taboos, liberal political theology and modern hagiography.”

The impression is, however, that the Pepe thunderings are crazy about fashion, but to show them that in this form in America, the new one gives only the wind in the back for politics that has longer roots in this area.