International conference: “I(l)liberal democracies: Europe between democracy and autocracy”

International conference: I(l)liberal democracies: Europe between democracy and autocracy”, December 8 -9, 2017, Cinema Europa, Zagreb

I(l)liberal democracies phenomenon reduces the concept of democracy to a mere multiparty system, while at the same time attempts to suppress or institutionally marginalize all the remaining fundamental components needed for an adequate functioning of a democratic pluralistic society.  In this sense, political leaders of so-called il(l)iberal democracies are directly attacking  human rights – particularly the ones  related to freedom of assembly, association and expression. Critical civil society organizations, independent media as well as independent judiciary and other institutions responsible for the protection of human rights and the functioning of democracy all become subjected to their impact. 

This phenomenon was well-known outside of the EU, but in the last couple of years it has begun to spread even within the EU borders. At this conference, we will discuss whether illiberal democracy can be perceived as democracy at all, why is it that they come to fertile ground in Eastern European countries, and ultimately – how to resist them? This conference will bring together some of the leading experts in the field of international relations, and human rights protection, who will – together with activists from European countries – articulate resistance strategies towards autocratic trends in Europe.

As a part of the conference, we will also screen the film “Undercover In The Alt-Right: My Year In Kekistan” by Patrik Hermansson (UK) followed by discussion with the director.

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