ZFF and CROSOL are bringing you great film authors!

Zagreb Film Festival and CROSOL bring you the „Fragments of exile“ film program on the occasion of Croatia’s presidency of the EU.

The history of exile is an endless story that has peaked in today’s world and in our closest neighborhood. Under the selection of film critic Diana Nenadić, the accompanying festival programe Fragments of Exile will show on a small sample how various famous European filmmakers reacted to various aspects of this indestructible phenomenon, triggered by current historical circumstances.

Migration, refugees and global inequalities greatly determine today’s Europe. Our continent currently is one of the most attractive continents for life because of social model of government where efforts to protect human rights, strengthen the rule of law, reduce socioeconomic inequalities, and sustainable development are more or less successful.

That is why it is not surprising that people fleeing war, conflict, poverty or corruption choose Europe as their new refuge. At the same time, refugees / migrants often do not have secure and controlled alternatives to travel to Europe, and depend on smugglers to which they expose their lives to. Upon arrival in EU countries, many refugees / migrants are not treated as equal citizens, often not as people.

The causes of migration / flight are inequalities between people and communities on our planet. The seemingly simple and effective “solutions” to close the borders before migration are unsustainable in the long run. Just as awareness of climate change and the need for strong investment to combat it increases, migration management policies should be strengthened.

We see inequalities not only in relation to refugees / migrants, but also in the enormous economic disparities between different communities, further compounded by the uncontrolled exploitation of our planet’s resources as well as the exploitation of workers.

These are all challenges that the European Union – with its privileged position in the world and with its great resources – can find answers to. The Presidency allows us to put some of these important topics on the agendas of the Heads of State and find solutions.

The cooperation is part of the Towards an Open, Fair and Sustainable Europe in the World – EU Presidency project 2019 – 2021.