Video of performance “With or without E(U)?”

Simultaneously with the Zagreb EU Summit on the Western Balkans, within the Croatian presidency of the EU Council, during which, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the leaders of the EU member states and the Western Balkan countries discussed the prospects of the Western Balkan countries joining the EU, civil society organizations, under the coordination of CROSOL, held a performance in front of the National and University Library in Zagreb, where the Zagreb Summit was held. All in accordance with current epidemiological measures – no gathering.

As part of the performance, we had a van with the EU flag and a loudspeaker from which we played Rambo Amadeus’ song ‘Ode to Joy’ and read the Declaration of civil society on the Western Balkans. The purpose of this performance and the Declaration is to point out the inaction of the European Union on the integration of the Western Balkan countries and the need to work on real reforms in these countries, especially in the field of democratic institutions, human rights and rule of law. We also pointed out that the Government of the Republic of Croatia, during its presidency of the Council of the EU, did not deal enough with the rule of law, but only declaratively, and expressed the position of Western Balkan civil society organizations that want to participate in the conference on the future of Europe, while their political leaders remain inactive.

Declaration has been signed by 99 organizations from the Western Balkans, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Norway, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands and Sweden… The full text of the declaration is available here.