Thank you for your interest in Zagreb, Just EUrope – Human Rights and Rule of Law conference! Conference will gather leading international experts and stakeholders to provide insights for creating better policies and mechanisms for protecting the rule of law and human rights within the member states.

To participate in the conference it is mandatory to register via the registration form below. Your registration will help us to keep track of the number of participants and accommodation available.

CROSOL has a limited budget available for travel reimbursement and accommodation for the total number of participants in the conference. The participants who ticked the boxes for travel reimbursement and accommodation will be contacted individually to arrange the best possible travel arrangements.

In case you are booking and paying for your accommodation independently from CROSOL, feel free to mention that you are participating in the “Just EUrope” conference to secure better prices (only valid for accommodation in the Hotel International).

Venue: Hotel International, Miramarska 24, Zagreb

Date of the event: 17. – 18.03.2020.

Deadline for registration is 08.03.2020.

The registration form is now closed.