FOND, FINGO and CROSOL presented the common Presidency project before CODEV working party

On January 31st 2019, representatives of FOND, FINGO and CROSOL presented the common Presidency project to Working Party on Development Cooperation at the Council of the EU. The member states showed big interest for the project, expressing support and asking questions related to the project implementation.

They were interested in how we could coordinate “CSO priorities” with State priorities. Many of them welcome “shrinking civic space” as an important presidency topic. There was an interest in global education topic. Many asked about youth engagement – how we are going to include youth in the project activities? There was also interest in the Western Balkan and Black Sea region as potential national priorities and in how shall we “translate” Agenda 2030 to the people through our campaigns. It was great to see strong interest of member states into civil society activities. We would like to express our gratitude to the Romanian Presidency and all Member States for the invitation to start a dialogue and we are hoping this dialogue between the Member States and civil society organizations is going to continue and become stronger in the upcoming months and years.