EU Presidency 2020

The Presidency of the Republic of Croatia to the European Council 2020 - What does the presidency bring the citizens of Croatia?

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“Stop the backlash – Stop domestic violence” -conference declaration to the Finnish and Croatian EU-Presidencies

The Treaty of European Union (TEU) affirms gender equality and non-discrimination as fundamental principles (Article 2). Combating gender-based violence is one of the five priority areas of the EU’s Strategic Engagement for Gender Equality 2016-2019 and will continue to be so in the next phase 2020-2023. Ursula van der Leyen,…

EWB: Hungary rejects rule of law as a condition for EU funding

“BUDAPEST – According to the Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs, Hungary rejected a claim by the European Union’s Finnish presidency that all member states have agreed to tie the bloc’s funding to rule-of-law conditions. Prime Minister of Finland has previously claimed that Hungary and Poland had given up their opposition…