EU Presidency 2020

The Presidency of the Republic of Croatia to the European Council 2020 - What does the presidency bring the citizens of Croatia?

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Civil society organisations opened the Croatian presidency of the Council of the EU with an expert advocacy panel “EU as a Forgotten Peace Project?” in Vukovar

Civil society organisations gathered within the Forum 2020 platform held an expert advocacy panel “EU as a Forgotten Peace Project?” on 14th-15th January in Vukovar. The goal of the event was to, on the anniversary of peaceful reintegration of the Croatian Danube region and Croatia’s international recognition, discuss the role…

“Stop the backlash – Stop domestic violence” -conference declaration to the Finnish and Croatian EU-Presidencies

The Treaty of European Union (TEU) affirms gender equality and non-discrimination as fundamental principles (Article 2). Combating gender-based violence is one of the five priority areas of the EU’s Strategic Engagement for Gender Equality 2016-2019 and will continue to be so in the next phase 2020-2023. Ursula van der Leyen,…