Project “Stronger for CROSOL-idarity” begins with implementation

“The project “Stronger for CROSOL-idarity “was supported by € 4,995 financial support from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under EEA Active Citizenship grants.” Implementation of the project began on April 25, 2022, and will last a total of 3 months.

Contact person: Branka Juran,

Project summary:

At the moment, around 10,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in the Republic of Croatia, with estimates that there could be over 20,000 or more. About 90% of the refugee population in the Republic of Croatia from Ukraine are women and children.

The project is designed to support the empowerment of CSOs within the CROSOL Platform in advocating to relevant institutions, timely sharing of information, planning joint activities and other activities related to the response of civil society to the arrival and reception of refugees from Ukraine in Croatia.

The second part of the project is focused on the direct work with refugees who have just arrived in Croatia, specifically through three info-workshops that will be held in reception centers (for now, 3 reception centers have been activated in the Republic of Croatia).

The aim of the workshops is to inform the refugees in a timely manner about their legal status, labor rights, and to provide them with information about the possibilities and forms of psychosocial support available to them. These visits will also allow us to examine their needs in via direct contact. Based on these data, CROSOL and collaborating organizations will plan further activities aimed at the needs of refugees.

An important part of the activities of this project is the online webinar intended for volunteers and all citizens of the Republic of Croatia who are in some way interested or involved in working with refugees. We will educate them about the challenges of working with vulnerable groups, with an emphasis on refugees. We will also inform them on how to approach and communicate with people who have survived this type of stress. In order to contribute to better awareness, we will educate volunteers about the legal status of refugees from Ukraine in Croatia. In this way, we will help to reduce the spread of false information.

CROSOL is the sole beneficiary of this project, but in the implementation of planned activities we will cooperate with member organizations of the Platform, as well as with other relevant organisations, to provide the most professional support related to the topics covered by the project.