Project Commencement: Know your EU, build your EU!

The “Know your EU, build your EU! – raising awareness of the importance of democratic participation by Croatian citizens in EE24” project will be carried out under the expert guidance of the CROSOL platform, in collaboration with 60 civil society organisations at local and national levels, and over 100 change-makers from all over Croatia. The project is scheduled to run from October 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024.

The primary objective of this project is to raise awareness among citizens, particularly the youth, regarding their involvement in democratic processes, with a specific focus on the European Parliament elections in 2024. The overarching vision of the project is to educate citizens, particularly the younger generation, about the mechanisms of the EU and the European Parliament while highlighting the manifold advantages they bring to Croatian society. The project underscores active participation as the bedrock of a thriving democracy.

The activities of this project include developing customised and easily accessible online educational materials (informational brochures, infographics, and similar tools) for the purpose of informing and mobilising citizens. These materials will also serve as support for local and national civil society organisations and change-makers. A public dialogue will be initiated with the aim of creating an informed and engaged electorate through workshops, roundtable discussion, and an online campaign.

Contact person: Branka Juran,

The project is funded by the European Union (EU).