Just EUrope – international conference on the rule of law and human rights in Europe

Just EUrope

Strengthening the rule of law and human rights in Europe

Hotel International
Zagreb, March 18 2020

European Union has for decades been perceived as a space of guaranteed human rights, rule of law, democracy and freedom for its citizens. Those are some of the fundamental Union values explicitly written in Article 2 of the Treaty of European Union. Its success and stability have been an example for other regions of the world trying to transition to democracy. Although building democratic institutions and rule of law is regarded as a key part of EU’s foreign policy in developing world, today it is also necessary to remember that these processes are continuous
and we cannot disregard them even within the EU.

The Zagreb Just EUrope – Human Rights and Rule of Law conference aims to provide insights for creating better policies and mechanisms for protection of fundamental European values within the member states, part of which is implementing the European Rule of Law mechanism which will link the availability of EU funds with the state of rule of law in member states.

Furthermore, a discussion will be held about introducing annual reports on the state of rule of law in member states in order to have an independent external evaluation of the institutions, as well as on the criteria that should be included in order for the reports to be meaningful and impactful. It is not, however, sufficient to focus only to the state institutions, but also on other pillars of the rule of law and human rights – civil society, watchdogs, human rights defenders and independent media.

Since the Multi-annual Financial Framewok negotiations will be in their eyesight, participants at the conference will debate the best model of implementing the Rights and Values program within the 2021-2027 Multi-annual Financial Framework and try to define the necessary level of funding which is required for it to be robust and successful.

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