Photo: OCHA/Matteo Minasi

EU UNOPS Lives in Dignity Grant Facility: improving outcomes for displacement-affected people

The LiD Grant Facility by the European Union and UNOPS will support refugees and other displaced persons to become productive members of their host communities and participate in furthering their common resilience, socio-economic growth and development.

The strategic priorities for the Facility are:

  • Early engagement of development-led approaches to forced displacement
  • A needs-based rather than status-based approach, including all displacement-affected populations
  • A coherent and complementary approach with strong synergies between all partners.

The Facility will focus on five thematic areas:

  1. economic livelihood development;
  2. spatial planning, housing and settlement;
  3. integrated service delivery (health, education, water and sanitation, energy);
  4. protection in development
  5. addressing disaster and climate-related human mobility.

The LiD Grant Facility’s flexible structure ensures it is agile and responsive, reinforcing the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. It will contribute to and align with existing global efforts, drawing on the expertise of numerous actors to inform the strategic direction and the overall work of the Facility.

More information about the grant is available on European Commission’s website.