Delirium interruptum – performance by Domino Association

The beginning of 2020 was marked by big news in the political situation and status of Croatia. In addition to the presidential elections just held, Croatia’s presidency of the Council of the European Union has begun. On January 9, 2020 at 7pm, a gala concert will be held at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb for this occasion.

The concert is held for the representatives of the European Commission and exclusively for guests with invitations. However, Delirium Interruptum is a concert of another kind, a participatory a capella intervention, open for all. Join us in the celebration of the historic moment when Croatia becomes the brightest star of the European flag; at the same place (in front of the Croatian National Theatre) at 6pm.

Delirium interruptum – vocal action in the public space presents a general state of questionable identity, emotional distress, disorientation and absolute ecstasy.

This is where your voice will be heard!
Join the intoxicated masses and release your voices – voices of lust, stunned sighs, screams, the sounds of sobbing, groaning, licking, yelling, screaming, with intimate unarticulated movements, twitches, falling, rolling and jumping.

We belong to them, and they are devoted to us. Or, they belong to us, and we are devoted to them. Or, we belong to them and we are devoted to them. It is in these apparent relations of social reality that we reside and teeter. Delirium Interruptum is a method of common sense protection aimed to alleviate the unintended consequences of aforementioned relationship.

Marko Marković is a performance artist whose works question collective and individual behavior, action and positioning within the social system. He is active internationally as an author and organiser of cultural-artistic and educational programs. 
In 2016 his work has been presented in the Croatian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

The performance is part of Domino’s program „The Future of Political Performance“ that is being held within the project „Towards an open, just and sustainable Europe in the world – The project of EU Presidency 2019-2021“, dedicated to Croatia’s presidency of the Council of the EU.