An E-book on the Perspectives of the Green Transition in the EU Has Been Published!

As part of the Building European Democracy project, CROSOL, in collaboration with partner organisations from Belgium and Denmark, has published an e-book titled “Green Transition in the EU – Perspectives on the Implementation of the European Green Deal.” The book’s content analyses various perspectives from the viewpoints of Belgium, Denmark, and Croatia.

“Building European Democracy” is an Erasmus+ project in which the Danish organisation Democracy in Europe (DEO), the Belgian organisation Europahuis Ryckevelde, and CROSOL work together to strengthen discussions on EU topics. The project runs from 2022 to 2024.

The focus is on two themes that are crucial for cooperation and exchange within the EU. The first theme is climate policies, examining areas such as energy, transport, and agriculture, and how countries can contribute to the EU’s green transition. The second theme is the rule of law.

You can read the book and download it for free to your computer in PDF format: