CROSOL strategic planning

Strategic plan for the period of next two years was made, and we recognised six thematic units that CROSOL is going to work on. We also recognised other activities that we can be involved in. Media strategy was made, decision to improve human capacities and we discussed the fundraising capabilities. 

First goal is to strengthen the members of CROSOL and the network itself. That should be done through CONCORD and Trialog. Main emphasis is put on education, especially regarding the topics of Policy Coherence for Development, Aid watch and Development Effectiveness.

CROSOL is going to monitor the work of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MVEP) and give advices about its work.

We are also going to follow the arm conflicts in the world and try to raise awareness about the topic in public (for example by organising discussions, round tables…).

We are going to continue to cooperate and give support to other citizens of former Yugoslavia, especially regarding their EU accession.

Through public discussions and actions, we are going to popularize and put in the spot of Croatian public international development cooperation and humanitarian aid, with that in mind we will encourage international solidarity among citizens of Croatia.