CROSOL Platform has been accepted in to the membership of CONCORD

On 4th of June 2014. in Brussels, Croatian Platform for International Citizen Solidarity CROSOL has become a full member of CONCORD, the European NGO confederation for relief and development. This decision was made by the General Assembly of CONCORD in Brussels, where they discussed about the future action strategy, the challenges of public advocacy and influence on the better coherence of international development policies. The president of Managing Board of CROSOL, Gordan Bosanac, has highlighted solidarity as a fundamental value of CROSOL, and transferred positive impression on CONCORD that is viewed as inclusive, participative and initiative network. He concluded that we are joining CONCORD because we need each other: „We need CONCORD to gain additional knowledge, develop partnership and achieve influence on public policies of development cooperation, but I am convinced that CONCORD also needs us, civil society from Croatia, which shares the values of CONCORD network and which can, with its post-war experience contribute to CONCORD.“

CONCORD now has 28 national platforms as its members, 18 international networks and more than 1800 NGOs all across Europe, devoted to just international relations that are directed toward sustainable development and protection of human rights. General Assembly of CONCORD has also elected its new leadership and the new president Johannes Trimmel from the Austrian national platform.

Future actions of CONCORD will be directed toward advocating the bigger budget of the EU for developing aid, multidimensional focus on human rights under the motto „People and planet come first“, fight against poverty, and the commitment of the states to sustainable development.