Croatia as presiding member of the Council of the EU has to urgently initiate consultations between Member States regarding USA-Iran conflict

In view of the escalation of the conflict between the United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Iran, CROSOL – the Croatian Platform for International Citizen Solidarity, calls on the Government of the Republic of Croatia, as the Member State holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, to promptly initiate consultations between Member States so that finding a political and diplomatic solution to this conflict can be put on the agenda, at the very latest – at the next meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council. Work must be undertaken to build consensus amongst Member States of the necessity for a peaceful resolution to this conflict. 

As the institution representing the most successful peace project in the world, the European Union has an obligation to be a global leader in peacebuilding, and must use all available means to influence and encourage its international partners to engage in constructive diplomatic dialogue and the easing of tensions. The Republic of Croatia, as the only EU Member State with a recent history of military conflict, can offer valuable insights in this difficult situation and be an active participant in the debate on peacebuilding as an integral component of EU foreign policy.

We take this opportunity to announce that Croatian civil society organizations will hold their first event related to the Presidency of the Council of the EU in Vukovar, on January 14-15th, 2020 – exactly on the topic of the EU as a forgotten peace project; and in order to encourage EU institutions to be more proactive in using peacebuilding mechanisms in crisis hot spots around the world. A detailed program of events in Vukovar will be available next week.