CONCORD published annual AidWatch report for 2019.

EU aid decreased in 2018, continuing the downward trend from 2017. Despite the well-received 25% reduction in inflated aid, EU aid is still decreasing after discounting these components. This means that, at the current rate of growth, the EU will only meet the 0.7% ODA/GNI target in 2061, as revealed by the CONCORD AidWatch Report 2019. 

Looking into the Leave No One Behind principle and how to actually implement it, the AidWatch report shows that the current EU ODA allocation is not guided by the high levels of poverty and inequality in some regions of the world.

The CONCORD AidWatch report 2019 assembles a whole set of recommendations on how to start implementing the Leave No One Behind principle and ensure that EU aid is adequately used for poverty and inequality reduction.

To get the full insights and figures, read the new report!