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Human rights

My year among the Alt-right:”It is scary how quickly people get used to evil”

“My Year in Chekhstan ” is the title of a documentary filmed by a 25-year-old Patrik Hermansson with a hidden camera during a year-long meeting (from September 2016 to September 2017) with members of the British and American altrighta and similar neo-Nazi and other extreme right movements. The young Swede, living in London, works…

Hosting Robabe Nayibi – Afghan representative in the Council of Balkh province

On 23rd of September in Center for Women Studies, CROSOL together with Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs hosted Robabe Nayibi, female entrepreneur from Afghanistan and representative in the Council of Balkh province. Razvojna suradnja Hrvatske i Afganistana

Protest in front of the Hungarian Embassy in Zagreb

Human Rights House Zagreb and Platform CROSOL protested on 23rd of September in front of the Hungarian Embassy in Zagreb out of solidarity with coleagues activists that are being harrased in Hungary.